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I am on a network using windows 7 and in the past the server would show on my network. However, I cannot locate it anymore. I have my computer set to discover items on the network. I can connect to the network printers. However, the server is AWOL. Any ideas?
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  1. make sure your server has the correct gateway ip. it may be trying to connect to an ip that isnt that of your gateway. also make sure the server has a static ip on your network.
  2. I'm not the administrator so I can't check the IP addresses. It is a static IP on server. Oddly though, even when I couldn't see the server on the network, I could save files to it. On Word, I would be able to access it from clicking "recent places" when saving or opening files. I don't have that link there any more due to disuse.
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    interesting. well there arent too many things it could be. check the physical line. check the network card configuration on the server (which you cant). maybe check the router to see if any reservations have been made in the ip table or something. if you dont need a custom subnet mask it should be set to

    If you have an ip and your server have an ip and both you and the server have the same gateway ip, you should be able to see it. try to find the administrator to check that. or find someone else who can connect to it and compare their network configuration to yours.
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