i5 4440 + Gigabyte GA-B85M-D3H VS fx8320 + Gigabyte GA-970A-UD3P

The title of the thread is basicly my problem.

Both combo's cost the same , so the rest of the pc would be the same - seasonic 530w, gtx 760 , deepcool gammax 300 cooler, 8 gb ram 1600 mhz, basic Hdd for now and an ssd for later.

I will use it for arch type programs , rendering, photoshop and some gaming but nothing too fierce.
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  1. i5 would game a bit better, FX would render a bit better. They're pretty equal overall. The FX could overclock a little possibly pushing it past the i5, but you really need a 990FX motherboard to get the best out of your FX.
  2. what about the possibility for future replacements ? I know that the next gen AMD CPU 's will keep the AM3+ design.
    Will the next intel keep the 1150 slot ? In other words, it's about the mobo compatibility.
  3. One more generation of Intel(Broadwell) will use the LGA1150 socket.
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