Should I dual SLI two GeForce 770's or just buy one 780?

I'm currently building a computer that I will be editing HD video and special effects on, and in addition to that I wish to game at max visual settings for as long as I can. The plan was to get a GeForce 770 for the time being then get another one to SLI them later down the line when it was needed. Would it be better/smarter for me to just get the 780, or maybe just one 770 is enough. I plan on gaming on one monitor.
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    I mean 770s are able to pretty much max out on any games out right now. That being said if you have the money and you want to upgrade, go for it. A single powerful card is always better than dual. Maybe even grab a GTX 780 ti? :D
  2. if you have that budget get a gtx 780 TI you will not regret it.
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