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We are finally getting an internet connection brought into our home and our ISP is saying that we are limited to having three items connected. Problem is that we have five PCs right now on our network in addition to our router. Two of our computer don't really need an internet connection, but do need to be accessible from the other computer in our home. Any suggestions?
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  1. What kind of router is it? is it a router provided by them? Because some routers you can control how many.
  2. The router we have right now is a Buffalo unit that we have had for a couple years. They did say that they didn't know if it would "work with their system". Didn't really like that answer. Its a wireless service, the only option that I have other then satellite where we are located.
  3. Strange. If the ISP is providing a wireless router/modem then open up cmd and type in ipconfig then from there find your Ipv4 address and then open up your internet browser and type that in and then log in and see if there are any options to change it
  4. Hmm Just to make sure is there a physical line into your place then into a wireless router the company supplied ? Or they have wireless coverage in your area and you are connecting to that with out having any phyiscal equipment setup in your place (i.e. just using wireless cards in your devices).
  5. most newer router you can make them clone your desktop pc mac info so that all the isp sees is one device at any time.
  6. Its some time of wide area wireless system. They will be mounting an antenna on the side of the house.
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    I think you may try something like this:

    Or if you can use buffalo router as a sort of a bridge/router. It sound like you would need your router to log into the ISP's wireless signal then have your router distrube that network connection to your devices.

    In theory if you had a dual band router (with 2.5 and 5th) you probably could configure one band to connect to your ISP and then use the other band to send out another signal for your local network to use.

    Some else may have to chime as I have never tried to do that before.
  8. I just didn't know if there was a way to hide the number of connections on our end from the ISP, like routing them through one computer or something so that it looks like all of the traffic is coming from one device rather then five.
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