Can Battlefield 4 run max with a I5 4670 with a 7950 or gtx 760 on 1080p with 60+fps

I want to play battlefield 4 on ULTRA 1080p over 60fps

Im planning on getting a intel i5 4670 and the graphics card that are good and under €350 are the GTX 760 and the radeon 7950 . Which should i get and is it possible to play on 1080p Max settings over 60fps ? Any other good graphics cards for under €350?
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  1. see if this helps you decide what you need for ultra/1080p/full AA
  2. The big thing to focus on with games is the graphics card. I run with a 4core 4.0ghz cpu and it goes fine with a powerful graphics card. The 7950 is quite enough for max settings, though. If you really want power, though, I would go for the comparable 6core cpu from amd. The only reason you would want an intel cpu over an amd is for hyperthreading, and that version of the i5 does not have hyperthreading, so I think you should be able to find an amd 6core that will keep you in budget, and it will go better with your amd graphics card. If you REALLY want an intel for the socket or some other reason, I would try to find a cpu within your budget with around the same number of cores and processor speed but with hyperthreading.
  3. nothing wrong with the i5 4670k for bf4 with my setup on ultra setting im sitting on average 50 fps so with a better card like the gtx 760 or 7950 it should run at 60fps
  4. ? inertia01 your system spec says you have an MSI GTX 760 Hawk Edition, and you say your running game at 50fps on ultra so how will the same card gtx760 get the extra 10 frames from don't make sence ?
  5. I too have a MSI N760 hawk card. It is a basically a factory oc'd version of GTX 760 so I am not oc'ing it further and nor can i oc my i5 4570. I did not want to them to be heating as temperatures are around 40C during mid-day in my place.

    Coming to point, I am running BF4 at ultra at 1080p. I use Geforce Experience which downloads the gaming profiles and for BF4, it has set everything at Ultra. I am also doing recordings with Shadowplay at 60 fps and they turn up smooth so i can vouch for no shatters or lags. In fact i intend to upload a benchmark for this hawk card soon.

    To note: I purchased this card in Feb '14, and even then the reviews i read on Guru3d and elsewhere were missing BF4 as they were before the game released (Guru3d review dates to July '13 around when the card was released). For the basic GTX 760 they were giving it a playable 30-40 fps. So it's probably older driver usage. The 331.65 drivers in november for e.g. increased performance upto 12% of BF4 on single-card 7x series.

    So go for this factory oc'd card and prepare to SLI it in future. Its not even a year old so will probably be available for some time around.
  6. i think you should buy radeon for battlefield because they are optimalized for battlefield and they have mantle i have R9 280x which is like 7970 and i get 80fps avg but if you want stable 60plus fps you can go ultra but turn down just one step down the effects and post processing you will not notice change in graphics but your minimum fps will be much more stable
  7. In those big multi matches, if you are running ultra settings with AA all the way up...its gonna dip down with that card. Itll be very playable, but you wont always be above 60fps.
  8. Yes man it will be possible because both are powerfull graphic cards. & ill suggest you to go for GTX 760 because its little bit faster . GTX 760 is Great . you will be able to play BF4 at Great settings with GTX 760 + windows 8.1 . it runs sooooo Smooth on my 1440x900 monitor & gtx 760 + i5 3470 ( maxedout ) . so you will be able to do so . you dont need to maxout everything . just maxout key graphic options & it realy wont differ from fully maxout version :D
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