MSI Radeon 7850 vs evga gtx 650 ti boost (both 2gb)

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    The GTX 650 Ti boost is slightly faster than the 7850, it usually consumes less energy making it produce a little less heat. The 7850 however is much easier when it comes to overclocking. Both cards perform relatively close to each other so you can't go wrong on whichever card you choose. If your planning to play games though they will perform a bit differently depending on the game as some games are better with amd cards or nvidia cards so check the games so you can get an idea. I prefer Nvidia cards so my vote would be for the GTX 650 Ti but they are so close that you can get the 7850 without any regrets and save yourself the $15 + the $10 rebate. Hope i helped.
  2. Try and spend the extra money on a 7870 as it should be able to outperform the 650ti.
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