Can i combine 8GB ram with 4GB to make 12GB

i currently have 8GB single module pc3-12800 1600mhz DDR3
and i have ordered a Kingston HyperX black 4 GB RAM Module DDR3 1600 MHz Unbuffered 240-pin – DIMM

my pc
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  1. Simple answer is... ummm maybe. They may play well together or they may not. First thing make sure and put the sticks beside eachother, not in the same color slots. If the two sticks have different timings (numbers that look like 9-9-9-27) then put the one with the bigger numbers closest to the CPU. This situation is not idea. It likely can be made to function, but bios tweaks may be neccesary.
  2. The real question is why ? were you running out of physical memory ?
  3. You already ordered? If so then sure give them a try, they might play nice, if not give me a shout and we can prob get them to play by adjusting voltages and maybe timings
  4. im actually trying to switch the order as we speak so i can have 2x 8gb instead of running 4gb and 8gb because i plan on heavy gaming and video recording/editing
  5. I've just ordered an 8gb hyperx to go with my current 8gb, so even if they cant cancel the 4gb one i shall just return it.
    this 8gb module as just cost me £70
  6. Give them a try, if any problem give me a shout, DRAM is sort of a specialty of mine
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