$1700-$1800 first build advice needed

this is my first build and my budget is $1700-$1800

what I will being doing most on my build right to left gaming,browsing,recording(maybe)

the preferred website is microcenter since I live near one but I can accept newegg, tigerdirect and amazon

overclocking: cpu maybe in the future but I will be overclocking the gpu

please give me advice I will be playing games like crysis 3 and battlefield 4
this what I have right now

cpu: intel i7 4770k $279.99(not sure if I should get an i5 instead)

gpu: msi gtx 780 lightning $529.99 (I prefer NVidia)

memory: crucial ballistix sport 16gb ddr3-1600 $139.99

hdd: western digital black 1tb $84.99

motherboard: asus z87-A $114.99

case: corsair carbide 300R $74.99

psu: corsair cx750m $84.99

speakers: Logitech ls21 $29.99

optical drive: asus 24x $34.99

keyboard and mouse combo: Logitech mk120 $19.99

monitor: hp LV2311 23" led 1920x1080 $139.99

fan: nzxt 140mm performance $13.99

fan: cooler master sickleflow 120mm red led $9.99

operating system: none (I already have windows 7 ultimate at home waiting to be installed on my build.

(I will be building my pc within three weeks
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    i5 4670k will do fine for you, get an aftermarket cooler for it like CoolerMaster 212 EVO.

    I would get a Corsair or Gskill CAS9 1866Mhz memory kit instead though as pricing is about the same.

    PSU: There have been some sales recently on the Corsair HX750, if there still are get that instead. Close to that same price, much better quality.

    Would also get an SSD for system drive. Samsung 840 Evo 250GB would do fine.
  2. An i5 is enough unless you are doing some very heavy video editing. You could also go down to 8GB RAM since it would save some money, otherwise, this is a solid build!
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