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Hello guys. Is there anyway to improve my temps for my crossfire build? Everything is fine but the GPUs. My temps at idle is at 48c and load temps go as high as 69c. I also have the Fractal Design R4 with window case. I have 2 140mm (NZXT 140mm performance fans) intake fans and another intake fan (140mm) below the case. I haven't tried doing push-pull config on my H100i rad, and I don't think its gonna fit. I only have 1 140mm fan sucking the out air out.
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  1. 69C isn't high for a GPU. They are often running around 80, even 95C is ok. Which 7970 do you have? Are they o/c? What voltage do they run at?
  2. Its on crossfire. I have the Gigabyte windforce one and the other one is XFX

    EDIT: Its not OCed
  3. as the XFX get very hot (I had 2 7950 in crossfire, so 7970 will only be hotter!), put the Windforce on top, XFX on the bottom and try to have a bottom or side fan blowing air onto them and/or a front fan blowing air across them. Check the voltage in GPU-z, if they are boost cards, running 1.25v, then you can often drop this using something like afterburner, or if you know what you are doing, use VBE editor to edit the bios. Typically you can run at 1050MHz @ 1.1v, but it varies between cards. The boost function is often 925MHz @ 1.25v, which makes them hotter than need be.
  4. Hmm I have a 140mm fan blowing air to them. I'll try the voltage
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