i want to know which is worth wether SSD or SSHD, i already had a 1TB Western Digital HDD, i'm looking for a performance-wise, so do tell me which is better in performance & why?
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  1. The hybrid drives get nowhere near the performance a true SSD does, I recommend going with a Samsung 840 EVO SSD . SSD's get better performance because all the Hybrid is, is a HDD with a small SSD cache. Get a true SSD, the 840 EVO, one of the 840 EVO's features is RAPID mode which used system RAM to increase the already blazing fast speeds even more
  2. A SSHD is normally a 5400RPM drive mated with a SSD element as 'cache' to guess what it should read before you need it (think of a valet knowing to get your car hand you the keys and open the car door, all you need to do is get in and turn it on). The 'speed' of a SSHD is a bit better then a 7200RPM drive, which Samsung (the maker of SSHD) stopped making entirely. A SSD is actual memory chips read with no mechanical element increasing the speed in FACTORS (think Squared, Cubed, etc.) but suffers from both EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE (in comparision) and MUCH SHORTER LIFE SPANS.

    The normal configuration is to get a SSD, do a COMPLETELY CLEAN OS INSTALL, then add the HDD (your 1TB) as a secondary storage. Install all applications to the SSD, but set any 'save files', my docs, music, etc. or REALLY BIG STUFF (think Battlefield 3) on the HDD. Further you need to manaually map all temp / log etc. disk activity to the HDD. There is quite a few 'step by steps' if you search for 'SSD Windows configuration' in google.

    Plainly put this is for advanced users and geeks. If you dont' absolutely need to do this don't and just wait to upgrade to a system WITH it already installed (quite a few are already doing that). It is a much better investment that way.
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    I never recommend anybody buy a hybrid drive. WASTE OF MONEY and a fad that will soon go away. Do yourself a favor and purchase an SSD drive. Not only is it going to be faster, but you are also getting the reliability of a solid drive. That is if you buy a Plextor. They are known for their reliability. I know, I have one. Plextor M5P Xtreme! Great drive, great price

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