Upgrading a CPU in a Gateway DX4380 motherboard and AMD A10 5700 processor

Hi All,

I have a Gateway DX4380 motherboard and AMD A10 5700 Processor
(8GB ram DDR3).

I would like to know if :
1) I could change the processor without changing the motherboard? (Like a FX 8350 ?)
2) if not, do I need to change the motherboard and CPU at the same time? is it doable on a gateway?

I am asking because I bought a GTX card and new power supply (620W)
I mainly upgraded the GPU to be able to play 3d games on my TV so I needed 3D vision

Any help would be appreciated here !
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  1. The FX and the AXX are different processors altogether, their Mobos have different CPU sockets... so basically no you can't replace an APU with a FX Series processor on the same mobo.
    Yes, you need to change both together......
    I may be doable, but, it's a gateway, I wouldn't waste a penny more than what you've already wasted on that piece of.....
    You'd be better off building a new rig for the next few years then relying for anything on that Gateway....
  2. So what I need, just a new case, mobo and cpu ? I'll use the same RAM, HDD, etc.??
    (i'm pretty new to cpus..)
  3. Best answer
    But why do that you're still buying the most expensive part of the rig... the CPU and the Mobo...
    Wait up save some dough and then get the whole sha-bang..... that way you'll have 2 rigs both pretty good, the gateway can be used as long as it lasts and the one you make can be used for all the heavy stuff for as long as you don't break it..
  4. True. I might just build a new one from scratch.. I bought it 2 years ago and it runs all games pretty good (bioshock infinite, crysis 3, etc..) Just wanted to upgrade but I might just give it to my gf haha
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