Need advice about a portable projector

A few days ago I saw a video clip, and I think it's really nice.
But I wanna hear other people's advice. How about it?
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  1. What do you want to use it for? My first concern would be that it's not 1080p, but only 1280x800 or 720p. This matters if you're looking at a large throw distance. It really does boil down to what your intended usage is going to be. Cool commercial, though!

    -Wolf sends
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    Yea. LIke Wolf said it depends on what you're going to use it for. Theres soo many out there, all with different features. like the brookstone projectors have device charging ability and can last for 2 hrs (May need to purchase $99 battery depending on model), or AAXA Technologies has an OnBoard Media player that can play files form MicroSD/USB and battery powered, or even a 3M Roku that allows you to watch those Hulu/Netflix channels if you're into that. Just really depends what you wana use it for.

    To give you an Idea here are some good review sites with video comparisons. (take out the Spaces. LOL)
    www . mini-projector-blog . com
    www . micro-projector . com /
    www . mini-projectors . net / comparing-the-3m-streaming-roku-projector/

    If you just wana try one out you can get one discount from AAXA as long as you review it on a forum somewhere. You can always sell it if you dn't like it. LOL -> www . aaxatech . com / reviewprogram.htm

    Hope this helps!
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