upgraded CPU and cant boot with more than 8gb ram

I upgraded my cpu which was a AMD phenonom 3.2 to a AMD Fx 4.2

at first it wouldnt boot or show anything on screen so i took all but one stick of ram boots. I inserted another stick and it works. but when i add the other two it wont boot and i have the same problem as before! and before i upgraded i had 16 gb installed and windows 7 and it worked great.

I didnt think upgrading a CPU would have such concequences i figured it be a smooth upgrade! and help or ideas

MOBO asrock extreme 4 970
CPU 4.2 AMD quad core FX 4350
GPU 6990 sapphire radeon HD
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    What BIOS version do you have? Try flashing it with 2.4, using Instant Flash.
  2. tell me how to tell you what my bios are and ill be glad to share
  3. and what tool or program do i use to run instant flash?
  4. When you enter the BIOS, its version should be displayed there. It is also displayed during POST, you may need to press tab to disable boot logo and see it.

    On the download page, I gave you a link to, in each row there is a icon with red +, click on it to read update procedure description.
  5. okay ill try this when i get home just to make sure i dont mess anything up.... I download file from link above, save it to a usb..follow the instructions listed and then i should be able to install my other 2 sticks of ram and it boot up?
  6. Yes, hopefully it will work.
  7. it worked! Thanks man!
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