System skips Posts / Black Screen for 2 mins then 'Starting Windows' Screen after installing GTX 780

Hey there, as on the screen.

I just bought and installed my ZOTAC AMP! GTX 780 to replace my GTX 680. Doesn't Posts diagnostics or can say, it starts with black screen for 2 minutes before the Windows Splash screens come up after installing a GTX 780. I did a few tests in a few scenarios and I find it funny. Could this be a BIOS or would it be best to clear CMOS (either Via Jumper or Removing battery)?

I have a few scenarios after trying in 2 of my rigs.

ASUS P8P67M-Pro - the primary Mobo for my current rig, BIOS 3602
Test 1: GTX 780: Black Screen 2 minutes then 'Starting Windows'.
Test 2: GTX 680, boots normally and quickly, no problem.
Swapped GPUs again, same story.

But then the funny bit

ASUS P8P67 Pro - Backup Rig, BIOS 1502
Test 1: GTX 780 - Boots no problem
Test 2: GTX 680 - Boots no problem.

Coould this be a BIOS problem? Cause' the 3602 doesn't work normally but the 1502 does.
Some help would be appreciated! Many Thanks!
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    Yes, flash it with 3701.
  2. Or something quirky going on with the PSU for example. But bios update might solve it.
  3. rvilkman said:
    Or something quirky going on with the PSU for example. But bios update might solve it.

    I do have 2 PSUs to test. 1 Corsair HX-1000 and 1 CoolerMaster 650W. But I highly doubt it could be the cause and it'd be a pain to disconnect the PSUs because one's a Modular and the one isn't.

    Looks like I need to get out the GTX 680 to flash the BIOS because I can't excess the BIOS in any way with a Black Screen.
  4. Yeah! The problem has been solved! All it was needed was flashing the BIOS to 3701. I was abit wary because this was actually my first time that I'd ever flashed my BIOS successfully; who knows what will happen if you brick it by accident lol.

    Now my system posts the way it should nice and quick!
  5. Good to hear that!
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