i7 4770K + Coolermaster Seidon 240m + arctic silver 5 temps not what they should be?

I'm running an i7 4770k @ stock with CM seidon 240m which is basically a corsair 100i in phantom 630 in push config + 1 additional fan that makes it half push and half push/pull - corsair SP120s high pressure performance series.

When using TIM supplied with the seidon I was getting 34-36 @ idle and 62-64 when Prime95 was running for an hour. I switched my motherboard to a new one (yesterday) so I have cleaned the CPU and the water block to then apply the Arctic Silver 5 thermal compound. Surprisingly all my temps seem to be 6-7 degrees higher if not even more, my ambient is 21 degrees. Here's a screenshot:
From my research on the case it would appear that my idle temps should be around 29-31 and full load at 60-62 if not even better.

What might be causing this? badly applied TIM? Too little of it? Too much? Any other ideas?
Please help since Im really frustrated with this and I was hoping to do some overclocking but if I'm reaching 71-72 degrees now then there's not much room left to overclock.
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  1. Arctic silver takes a while to bake in so that could be one thing, the other is that maybe you either added too much of it or the connection is just not ideal at the moment between the CPU and the block.
  2. You could try to see if IC Diamonds 24 might be better. GEILD Extreme is a very good solution that performs very well
  3. What I can't understand is the fact that my Core#3 is pretty much in the desired temps borders while #0 #1 #2 are all 6-8 degress higher. I know that it takes around 200h for AS5 to bake in(according to their website) but how come one core is so much cooler?
    Should I lift the heatsink and take a look at the spread?
  4. Yeah you should do that, the spread might also reveal any uneven pressure on the cpu for example.
  5. I decided do to couple more heat cycles on the applied TIM but that doesnt seem to be changing anything.
    If I notice that the spread is uneven or lacks in some places I would assume that first of all I should try to screw the heatsink from that side a little more and If that doesnt work should I apply a little of the paste in that location or clean it up and do it all from the begining?
  6. Pretty much, the difference with the arctic silver being fully working and not shouldn't be more than a couple of degrees.
    The 5-6 degree difference and 10 degree difference under load would generally mean some kind of a problem with installing.

    Still not quite as bad is me forgetting to remove the rubbery plastic from my scythe 3000, heh.
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