Dell Vostro 1510 nvidia drivers problem

Hi to all.
So I have a Dell Vostro 1510 laptop with Nvidia GeForce 8400M GS graphics. I recently replaced the chip with a new one (same model) and installed Windows 7 32-bit (it came with XP), but whenever I install a driver from Nvidia's website, I have problems with Windows. It freezes on the "Welcome" screen when booted then after like 2 minutes it restarts automatically and it's going on and on like this. I installed the driver for Windows Vista 32-bit from Dell's site, it worked, but it's really old and isn't really working for me. Thinking of installing Vista 32-bit because of this..... Anyone having any solutions for this problem?
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  1. Dell are usually bad quality I recommend Ibuypower if your gaming they make pretty good laptops are you gaming look bottom line don't waste time trying to fix that piece of junk there are good laptops for 1300$ also look at sager how old is your laptop and when you bought your laptop gpu did you get a disc with a driver on it because some cards come with that but I say your laptop is ready for the scrapheap btw how much data allowance do you have
  2. Your computer is so old it is not supported any more by vendors and dell.

    The reason why the graphics driver does not work is probably to do with the fact you replaced the chip wrong or you are installing the wrong type of driver i.e windows 8 driver. I own this Vostro 1510 computer and just installed windows 8 and installed the nvidia driver through windows update, not download from the website. It works fine.

    Dell has abandoned this computer, because it is a shit computer and is quite old.
    Very Bad Cooling, bad keyboard, bad performance, bad temperature, uses a lot of energy.

    I recommend you abandon this computer and buy a new one. With a 4th generation i7 4*** (* any 4th model) Intel CPU. they are cheap and definitely better quality. Do not buy dell. Toshiba has recently released better quality cheap laptops, unlike dell..
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