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about a month ago maybe sooner i put my new setup everything went great for the most part literally today i noticed on my hw monitor that my cpu temps are jumping like crazy it will be 20c then hit 35c before it would only jump between 1-5 c i am running beta bios from gigyabyte n in the bois is the same problem the temps arent cpu frying temps but it just makes me nervous can any body shed some light on it my cpu is amd fx 9370 with a hyper 212 plus and again this problem just showed up out of the blue

edit: i am idling when this happens i have nonthing going on n my max temp is 59 using prime 95
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    Those 9xxx series run hot. When your clock speed jumps up, your temps will jump up. If they aren't reaching dangerous levels I wouldn't be worried. What's your max temp at idle/gaming/load?

    You could always do an antivirus/malware/spyware scan if your CPU usage is spiking (if it is, it would make sense if the temps are).
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