Will X58 Tri Channel Memory Work on a Z87 Board ?

Finally got ready to build my Haswell system and am trying to figure out what I can
salvage from my old i7 920 build from 5 years ago. My question is can I use Patriot
1333MHz Tri Channel Ram on a Asus Z87 Pro Board with a 4770k chip?

I know the speed is OK, nothing great but within parameters just not sure about the other factors.
I have 6 of them and hate to waste them if I can reuse them as I remember they were
high end at the time. Here is the exact model that I have.

patriot pvt36g1333llk

If they do work since they were tri chanel 2GB chips would 4 of them give me 8GB of total ram?

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    Yes this will work just fine. As you pointed out it you can only use 4 of them, but there is no reason it shoudln't function as an 8 gb system. It will obviously function as a dual channel kit since thats all the MOBO supports, The Single,dual,tri,quad channel memory is all the same. Its the motherboard that decides how many channels it functions as.
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