Cooler Master Thunder 600 Watt SMPS sufficient for fx 8350 and amd 1gb 7770 graphic card with asus 990 fx pro r2 motherboard

i am going to upgrade to fx 8350 with 8gb of ram and 1gb gigabyte7770oc graphic card,i want to know which motherboard i should choose,the motherboard must not be very costly but that must be very efficient for gaming,my budget is 12000 indian rupees for motherboard,and i also want to know whether corsair VS 650 SMPS is sufficient or cooler master thunder 600watt smps is better?please reply.
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  1. You do not need so much wattage. A reliable 550W is more than enough.

    HOWEVER both of those you are looking at are not good quality and not suggested.

    Try getting an XFX 550 or Antec HCG 620 or something like that.
  2. what about motherboard,which motherboard is better for fx8350,motherboard must be best for gaming and my budget is 12000 indian rupees
  3. Asus m5a970 r2.0
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    Have u already bought the CPU,RAM and GPU? Could give a better suggestion if not.
    Are u going to overclock CPU,GPU?

    Those 2 aren't very good PSU's. A Seasonic S12 II Bronze 520W is better
  5. i have bought fx8350 and 8gb corsair vengeance ram and 1gb gigabyte 7770 graphic card.
  6. i am not looking to overclock because that could rise the temp of the cpu and i am not going to buy any liquid cooler for the cpu,
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