HP probook 4540S?

Hello, I'm buying the (HP PROBOOK 4540S CORE I5, 2.5GHZ, 6 GB RAM, VGA AMD 1 GB, 750 GB HD)
yet some people r saying that it's not good and has lots of problems such as heating, un-stability, HDD problems, motherboard problems and stuff like that....
So, any advice will be appreciated.
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  1. Yeah its a known issue with the ProBooks 43xx/45xx/47xx.

    Look towards something else.
  2. like what?
  3. Overheating mostly, quality is also below par. The HDDs fail due to poor mounting.
  4. I was asking, other choices like what? I can only spare 650$ for it, and this's what I'm paying for the HP
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