Unable to format new CD-RW disk

I bought new CD-RW disk. I was only able to get the first one to format. I have tried all the available help on your forum with no success. Is there anything else I can do?
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    The cost of CD-R media is now so reasonable that it's no longer necessary to use CD-RW discs. Data stored on CD-RW, especially using the "direct to CD" formatted method, is very prone to corruption, especially if the discs are a very cheap brand (if they are a cheap brand, that would account for being unable to format some of them).

    If it has to be CD-RW, buy a reliable brand such as Verbatim (one of the best brands there is), but I advise using using only CD-R or DVD-R.
  2. What is the program you are using to format the disc ?

    Maybe the disc died, so you are not able to format it again.
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