PC Won't Boot From CD DVD Drive - Please help!

Hi Guys,

Right I'm having such a headache with my computer at home. I am upgrading from 32bit windows xp to Windows 7 64bit. When I try to run the install from my desktop I get the error message of the disc is not compatible with your version of windows please reboot your pc from CD. So I know I need to do a clean install and I know to do this i need to boot from CD BUT my PC doesn't seem to be able to do this and this is where my problem began!

I disabled all of the bootable devices in the BIOS apart from the DVD drive and it gave me a black screen with a message which said:-
"No suitable bootable devices please insert cd or select suitable device and reboot"
(or something along them lines anyway).

This made me think the disk is faulty, so I loaded up XP, and it seems the disk is fine, it reads as Windows 7 but I just get the error message when I try to load it up. So the disc is fine.

I have entered the BIOS and tried setting the DVD drive as the primary booting device
I have tried disabling all other booting devices, that didn't work either ( see above )
I have tried selecting the DVD drive as the bootable device too.

I have a MSI Mother board, I have been advised to switch the ribbon cable from the hard drive with the ribbon cable from the DVD drive, also I've seen posts about resetting the CMOS.

If possible I would like to do this without having to play around with the motherboard itself, the last thing I'd want is to blow up my motherboard.

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  1. Since you mention a "ribbon cable", I have to ask if this is an IDE drive and if so, did you change the jumper setting on the rear of the drive to Master?

    -Wolf sends
  2. Sorry I'm a bit of a techy novice.

    Is the jumper setting on the back of the DVD drive itself?

    I've not tampered with any of the drive since I've had the PC.

    I bought the PC, installed windows XP and that was it, not touched it since, only used it for day to day things and gaming.
  3. Yes, if it's an IDE drive, the jumper setting would be at the rear of the drive, itself.

    As an example:

    -Wolf sends
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