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First of all, sorry for my bad english, I'm not a native speaker.

I'd like to have some pieces of advice from you because I'm not that good in computer's hardware. So I realized that my Geforce GT 220 is pretty much weak graphics card and I'd like to buy a new one. Right now I am choosing between these graphics cards:
GeForce GTX 660 OC
Radeon HD 7870 OC
GeForce GTX 560 1024MB

Also my setup at this moment:
Motherboard: Intel Whitesburg DP55WB
CPU: Intel Core i5-750
PSU: Codegen 300x pfc 400W
RAM: 4GB ddr3 1333 mhz

The question is what graphics card would suit my setup the best? I think I'd have to mention that I am planning on buying 2 more GB of RAM. Also, feel free to advise me some other graphics cards, maybe you can offer me some cheaper but not so bad ones? Thank you in advance.
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    bad news. A 400W PSU is really low for those GPUs The best bet would be to get the 660. It needs 430W but since you aren't overclocking your CPU you will have enough power to run one 660.

    However, I'd suggest thinking about upgrading the CPU/RAM/Mobo. If not then just a 660 and wait until next year to upgrade the rest. Your i5 is going to bottleneck the GPU a bit though.
  2. If I understood correctly, if I'd buy more powerful PSU I could buy a better graphics card, right?
  3. Yes, but you might have a slight bottleneck with a i5-750 and 4gb RAM. However, I recommend getting a 550-600W PSU and then you can choose any GPU you want. If you can only get a 500W PSU then you can still run a 7870 or 660. If that is the case I'd get a 7870.
  4. Thanks for your help already, some more questions: should I buy a new cpu or could I try to overclock it? And which is the best graphics card of the bunch after all?
  5. The fastest of the three is the 7870. What resolution monitor are you gaming on?
  6. i5-750 won't bottleneck a 660 or 660 ti
  7. envy14tpe said:
    The fastest of the three is the 7870. What resolution monitor are you gaming on?

    I didn't really understand what were you asking. The biggest possible resolution is 1600x1200, but I prefer 1280x1024.
  8. with that 1280x1024 resolution go for a 7790 (and upgrade other things) .. it will max anything you throw at it....
    and yeah a 7870 at that resolution would be good only to max crysis 3 well heck even 7850 can do it
    and if i5-750 would bottleneck 660 (though a 660 ti (OC for worse) is something else)... then fx 4100 would play bowling with a poor 6670 =D
  9. Your video resolution determines helps determine which gpu to get. Since you are gaming at a lower resolution then I'd get a 7790, like above commenter said.
  10. yep go for the cheapest with best cooler, kills overheat something like gigabyte if I may say
  11. So if I'd buy 7790, how powerful psu I should buy?
  12. hmm 450 W minimum well up to 600 W should work well,
    just take into consideration to be 80+
    you can choose one from those I wrote :
  13. Ok thank you all for your help, I think I will buy a 7790 one. :)
  14. go for gigabyte oc 2gb edition (the 2 windforce one) ;) good luck and np
  15. Don't but less than a 500W PSU. You never know what you might want in the future.
  16. yup 500w + FOR THE WAY !
    but this here is cheap
    Power Supply: Corsair 600W ATX12V $54.99 it's 80+ bronze and modular meow ^^
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