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Sorry for possibly repeating a very over done topic here, but I've recently moved into a new house and I can't put holes in the walls / ceilings to run ethernet cable as it's rented and I'd like my deposit back...

Basically I'm going to be running power line adapters from my router to my tv box as it's required to have an internet connection to run properly, I'll be using these - TP-link 500 mbps

So the real question is how best to then connect my gaming pc in another room to the router?

Option 1 - Add another powerline adapter

I'm not sure how this will work in terms of lan port sharing, will it even work with 2 devices sharing 1 lan port on the router? If it is possible will it halve the bandwidth available to each adapter and will that even matter because my internet connection will probably be slower than the adapters even running at half speed?

Option 2 - Get a PCI wireless card for my PC

Would it be easier and most importantly faster (I really don't want huge ping or lag in games) to add this to my pc and connect to the router over wifi?

I realise my broadband connection will probably have a lot more to do with my ping in games than how I connect to my router, I just want to make sure I'm not going to screw it up basically and thought it's best to ask.

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  1. Powerline devices I think can have up to 6 device some can use only 4. As you suspect they share the total bandwidth so the less the better. But also as you state the bandwidth is still much higher than your average internet connection.

    There is almost no way to predict how will wireless or even powerline will work in a house. You pretty much have to try it and then fine tune it. A wireless nic is very cheap so you could try that first and then buy the third powerline device. Even powerline devices tend to be very flaky in some houses so be sure you can return them if you are forced into a full wireless solution.

    In general if they work powerline tend to produce a more predictable network since they are not subject to as much random interference....of course the vacuum cleaner being plugged into the same circuit as the powerline does kill it most the time.
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