Will RAM increase PC performance (Games)

Hello, I am looking to get 4 more gigs of RAM to boost my PC performance, will it increase my fps in games like BF4?
Right now I run Campaign at 50-60 fps on High but multiplayer I can't run on low without fps lag.

My Specs: Q8300 Core 2 Quad 2.5Ghz
5Gb of RAM
450w PSU

Obviously I will drop the 1Gb RAM chip to make way for the other 2x2Gb RAM chips.
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    RAM does not affect gaming performance anywhere near as a GPU upgrade or a CPU+Platform upgrade. Unless your system is starving for RAM, then there is no need for expansion.
  2. you cpu is slow and your video card is slow. want performance, put together a modern balanced system.
  3. It won't improve your FPS. Faster/better/bigger ram will make your game boot/start faster and do multitasking better, that mean while you play you can have more applications running on the backround like skype, steam, an internet browser etc. If you really want more fps ( but 50-60 mean the game runs smoothly) then you must look for GPU. Btw how the hell do you have 5gb of ram? I mean I ram combos come out in some specific values like 1,2,3,4,6,8,12,16,24,32.... GB
  4. 2x2Gb and then a 1Gb, I initially had 6Gb but 1Gb malfunctioned.
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