Upgrading a GPU and PSU on a Dell Computer

I want to upgrade this pre built pc so i can play BF4.
I am thinking about upgrading the graphics card to an R9 280x from an HD 5450.
Then get a new PSU and put them all together into a new case.

The pc currently has an i5 3470 CPU and 8 GB of ram.
This is the motherboard

Would there be any problem with this if i got an OEM motherboard ?
Please tell if there would be any compability issues.

Also ask if you need more info about the computer .

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    In terms of hardware compatibility, your upgrades will work perfectly with what you've got. The only thing in question is the size of the case; is it big enough to house a 280X? And does it have enough room for a regular ATX power supply? Some of these pre-built machines, especially by Dell, has really small enclosures that are designed to fit only the OEM components that came with the system.
  2. I will definitely buy a bigger case :)
  3. Is there a particular style or color you'd like? A case is subjective to the user, but I can make some suggestions based on what you have in mind and the budget for the case.
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