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Would the nvidia shield retinal quality 720p display be much worse than the nexus 5 1080p display? Thanks
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  1. This may help " class="img lazy">
  2. I do not really understand the chart but thanks is there a simple answer that it would be the same or worse or maybe better? Thanks
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    On small screens like that, higher resolution doesn't really make that much big difference. You can try out an iPhone 5s and a Galaxy S4 and make them watch the same movie. You wouldn't really see any pixel quality difference despite the resolution difference, rather, the color saturation is the variable. To answer your question, it wouldn't be worse at all. Besides, the pixel density of Nvidia Shield is 297 pixels per inch. And as Steve Jobs once said, anything higher than 300 pixels per inch, would be like a fine print as we will not see any individual pixels anymore. So both of them would look the same on a human eye.

    *Color saturation, in-game graphics, and anti-aliasing might differ due to different Screen hardware and Graphics Processor.
  4. Thanks so there will be only a little difference between the nvidia shield screen and Nexus 5 screen?
  5. I've owned 1080p 5 inch screens and 720p. I can't see the difference in PPI. Like the other fella said the difference comes in with color reproduction and stuff like that.
  6. The 1080p colour reproduction would look nicer than the 720p colour reproduction?
  7. Alberthan said:
    The 1080p colour reproduction would look nicer than the 720p colour reproduction?

    Not at all. PPI doesn't affect colors
  8. Both will look exactly the same?
  9. So nvidia shield would Look nicer because it has tegra 4 enhance graphics?
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