How do i install, windows7 to my own build pc without a cd drive?

Hello how do i install windows 7 to new pc without any operating system and no cd/dvd drive.
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  1. Didn't think that one through very well, did you?

    You can try installing using a USB stick

    Or just use a DVD-Rom drive to install Windows and take it out of the case aftewards.
  2. I assume you have the files for a CD/DVD. Put them on a USB drive.
    You can make a USB drive bootable (google it, there are lots of web sites with "how to's".)
    Then just boot to the USB drive in the same way you would boot to a CD
  3. Ok I think i will buy a cd drive and a system builder dvd because i found out that cd drive costs only 20 bucks, and also i found out that windows store doesnt even sell win7 just win8 :/ or maybe i download win 7 for free from piratebay, do you think that its safe? and win 8 is worse and expensive, why it is worse because it looks like a fcking tablet! And you cant get free apps(cracked) for win 8 easily.
  4. Please don't even suggest illegal software pirating in this forum.
    There are lots of places that still sell Win 7, both electronic downloads and media versions. (at Best Buy, for example)
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