Which computer case should I get?

Hey guys, I am planning to change my computer case but I can't on decide which to get, can someone give me some suggestions? I want one thats reliable and maybe have a slick look to it

MOB:Asrock B85M-HDS
CPU: Core i5-4440
RAM: Kingston 4GB 240-Pin DDR3
GPU: Leadtek Winfast GTX760 2GB DDR5
PSU: FSP Raider 550W power supply
HDD: Western Digital Wd Blue
Optical Drive : Sony DVD RW DRU-8805 ATA Device
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    I would have a look at the NZXT PHANTOM 410 for style and the corsair C70 for practicality
  2. - Look department is very subjective. Some people think case with red-LED sleek, which I would not buy, even if it's dirt cheap and 5/5 star review.
    - Number of case fans (front/back/up/side). Looking at your spec, it seems that you don't need lots of case cooling, so it may not be a big deal.
    - Fan speed control.
    - Noise. How sensitive to noise?
    - CPU cooler height. Again, you don't need a massive cooler, so it's a non-issue.
    - Expandibility. I think this will be the most critical factor in your set up. How many storage/accessories are you going to add later?
    - PSU placement. Do you want to place the PSU facing down on the bottom, up on the bottom, or in rare case, on the top side of the case?
    - System placement. Where is this machine to be placed? On the carpet floor, hardwood floor, or top of desk/under the desk
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