Reason why pc is very loud when I turn it on then gets quiet when windows loads?

Was just curious why it is loud when I turn it on then when windows loads up it's quiet.
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  1. Hello... open up your computer... roll a piece of paper up and place one side to your ear... start your computer and search-listen for what computer part is making the loud start-up noise... Moving parts ( such as Fans ) in your computer have bearing surfaces and get dry/dirty causing noise.
  2. when you first turn it on everything is running close to 100% so ur fans jump to that to keep everything cool. when windows loads it starts to go in to idle so ur fans slow down moving less air creating less noise
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    Usually once windows loads, drivers will take over controlling the fan speed. What you are most likely hearing are the GPU fans. I believe part of this process, is to help reduce dust build up on components by blowing it away, but once all the drivers load they start controlling the fan speeds to more tolerable levels for humans.
  4. ok thanks
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