How do I change my default installation drive?

I want to upgrade from windows 8 to windows 8.1. My C: Drive which is my SSD is currently my default, and has my OS and my game installed on it simply for faster boot speeds. However this has left around 3.5GB free, and the windows 8.1 needs a little more than that. When you go into the store, and click "download windows 8.1", you are not given the option to choose which drive to install it to. My HDD which is my D: drive has around 450GB free, so obviously that is the only place where W8.1 can be installed to, though like I said I am not given the option.
How do I make windows install to my D drive automatically instead of my SSD?

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  1. 8.1 its the upgrade of 8. That means that the installation must be in the same drive as the your existing OS. 8.1 its not a different program which you can install wherever you want. Try cleaning up your ssd if you really want to upgrade to 8.1
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    Your best bet is to move as much stuff as you can off your SSD and move it to the HDD, delete it from the SSD and do the update on the SSD, this would be the least amount of headache. You can't update to the HDD atm b/c you don't have windows on it at the moment.
  3. Okay, I just did a disk clean-up and it JUST has enough for 8.1 now. However I'm not sure I want to run an SSD that is filled to the brim as it will be slow; the only thing on my SSD which I'm okay with moving to the HDD is my Nvidia graphics drivers. Will moving the drivers over to my HDD mess anything up?
  4. the actual drivers, yes. The install files for them no. How big is your SSD? you have to have some stuff that wouldn't matter, IE pictures, videos, games that don't have long load times. Any install files for any program you use.
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