ati hdmi output suddenly says Not Plugged In

suddenly the hdmi cable hook-up will not recognize audio, even though the video is still playing on the tv. In the Sound properties, the option to set hdmi as default is unavailable, and it says the cable is unplugged.

I've tried disabling the other audio devices but it still is grayed out as unavailable, and of course i get no sound whatsoever from the pc OR the television. Re-enabling allows sound on the pc but still won't recognize the audio portion of the hdmi signal. A pop-up says i need a converter but i know i don't, because it's worked seamlessly for quite awhile, and it was in the middle of a program when the audio connection failed. Any ideas?
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    Check you HDMI cable (on both ends) for a good fit. You may also need to swap to another HDMI cable.
  2. yes, i considered that, and unplugged/replugged on both ends. Unfortunately haven't the means to purchase another cable right now anyway. It's been working fine, and was working fine this morning until mid-program it just stopped.

    i will get back with the results when i'm able to secure a different cable. Thank you!
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