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I need recovery disk download for my satellite... being somewhat ignorant I didn't create one, I assumed there was one in the box it came in... system crashed and Toshiba wants me to pay 40 bucks for something they should provide for NOTHING since it is under warranty? Anyone help me out?
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  1. Can you not do a recovery from the recovery partition?

    To access the System Restore, Refresh and Reset options using the F12 option at startup, perform the following:

    If not already, ensure the computer is completely shut down. How To: Shut Down a Laptop with Windows 8
    Now restart the computer by pressing the power button - IMMEDIATELY start tapping the F12 key on the keyboard until the "Boot Menu" screen appears.
    Using the arrow keys, select <HDD Recovery> and press "Enter".
    On the next screen you are asked to confirm if you want to contiue with recovery. Select "Yes".
    The computer will bring you to the Advanced startup screen.
    Select Troubleshoot. Under Troubleshoot you will see “Refresh” and “Reset”.
    Select “Advanced options.” Located here is "System Restore."
  2. Sorry I should have stated for W8...
  3. I did NOT create the partition, I don't get an HDD Recovery option... I KNOW it was stupid on my part... so I need the recovery disk download from someone or somewhere... I just, on principle, want to pay toshiba...
  4. Partition is already on the HDD by Toshiba, thats where it gets its files to create the recovery DVD's, unless the hdd is faulty or you have done a custom install and zapped the existing partitions.
  5. I was afraid you would say HDD is faulty because that is the error message I am getting... I get checking media, media fail and not bootable device... when I hit F12 there is no option for HDD recovery, so you think HD has failed? so I have to buy a new one? I am not going to deal with Toshiba... I already hate them... does that mean I need to BUY W8 and reinstall? With New HD? Thanks!
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    If hdd has failed and under warranty, Toshiba have to provide a replacement with the recovery partition, like for like or equivalent replacement is how the law will look at it and them just giving you a blank drive and then demand extra for disks isn't the same thing.
  7. hi. In my case i managed to copy the recovery image and format the partition. My problem is, when i copied back the recovery image. I can't boot anymore. what should i do?
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