Radeon HD 7990 fps drop and support games.

does The radeon 7990 support all the games ?
and the new drivers fixed the fps drop in games ?
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  1. yes, supports all games. and the drivers that were just updated (Battlefield 4 for an example) fix the drops in fps
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    Yes the radeon hd 7990 supports all the games. It's just a 2 hd 7970 working together. And it will run twice as good on games which support crossfire. The new drivers have fixed almost all the problems of hd 7990 but not each and every one. And with the new Beta drivers, you are not likely to get FPS drops anymore. And when the newer drivers will be released, which will be even better than the current ones, there would be nothing to stop it running at it's max potential. SO the new drivers have made working pretty good than before and there are no more FPS drops like before.
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