3 monitor hook up with Sapphire Radeon HD 7750 help!

My graphics card has 1 DVI-I connector, 1 HDMI connector, and 1 DP(display port) connector. When i first pluged everything in i had DVI-D to DVI-_ connector, HDMI to DVI-D connector and an Active DP to DVI connector. Everything worked but my computer couldnt detect the DP adapter so i started mixing and matching i eventually decided to just use the VGA to DL-DVI-I adapter that came with my computer it works but the DP adapter still dosent and now when i try to take out the vga and use DVI instead none of them work at all. Please help i have no idea what to do ive search online and everything but no solutions. :(
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  1. did you try and hit detect displays for the heck of it under resolution?

    I'd say its the adapter if it simply never has worked.

    can you discconect all of the other monitors and just use the DP adapter and see if it works to narrow it down to that
  2. yes ive hit the detect displays hundreds of time now and no when i just connect the DP adapter it dosent work at all
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    it has to be a bad DP adapter then, had the same setup on my 7970 with the adapter and it worked fine. I'd honestly ship you one for free I have about 5 laying my car now from work
  4. thanks dude i was begining to thik there was something wrong with the graphics card or something ill PM u my address and stuff
  5. sounds good man I don't need all theses haha
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