Overclocking my e5200 above 2.8ghz

im overclocking my e5200 and when i go above 2.8 and then run guild wars it says my computer is malfunctioning and if i reach 3.0 my pc will crash and i will have to reset the cmos memory
any help?
screen 1 from cpuz
screen 2
screen 3
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  1. do you have proper cooling?
  2. yea i do
    the pc sounds like working but it doesnt show anything
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    Im not sure. I found this guide straight from Tom's, you may have already seen it though. Maybe theres something in there.,2366-10.html
  4. Not sure if this will help but during the article they mention having a problem with the boot strap when overclocking and getting a black screen.,1754-17.html
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