i want to buy a laptop that last long and should good in performance.

i need laptop for just home and college use. multitasking, hd video rending, and a little bit gaming like battlefild 3. please suggest me good among these. limited budget. i am confused in i laptop(factory refurbished) has touch screen and other laptop with same price has no touch screen.
what is the difference, and also which one should i buy? factory refurbished is good or not? please suggest me i like touch screen but confuse in, is factory refurbished laptop last long as new?

1) dell inspiron 5521(non-touch) $590

4GB ram

500GB Hard

i5 3337 processor

intel hd 4000 + i gb ATi Graphic card

2) dell inspiron 5421(touch)(factory refurbished) $590

6GB ram

750GB hard

i5 3337 processor

intel hd 4000 graphics

which will last long?
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  1. The refurbished means that the laptop at one point was owned by someone else, it then broke and no longer worked. The company repaired it and now is selling it to someone else at a discount because it is used.

    I personally don't care if its refurbished or not.
    Option 1 I would say is better, because it has the graphics card, but I cannot find any details about the system with a graphics card.

    Option 2 is also good.

    I would suggest getting a different system though if possible, because both system are fairly weak and have a lot of trouble playing games.
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    I took some time and looked through your the site you listed from before. These are the best laptops the store has for you.

    Both have better processor and graphics performance. Hopefully they are in your price range.

    As to which is better, the information is hard to find so I cannot tell. Either system will work for you I think. Much better than the others for sure.
    This is the graphics in the Dell I listed. It is capable of playing Battlefield 3.

    I suggest you buy the Dell laptop I just listed as it has a few features better than the other one.
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