What is Exactly AMD Mantle?

And how does it release? Like an update to BF4?

And also, how would it affect my r9 280x and Phenom II x4 965 CPU? Or would it? I heard it affects both GPU and CPU.
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  1. Mantle is an API (application programming interface). It won't be "released" per say, it's used for the programming of games.
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    From what I understand Mantle is a "low level API"; lower than DirectX API. To put it simply, that means there are even fewer "layers" between Mantle and the actual hardware which technically allows more direct access to the actual hardware itself when developing a game than before.

    Mantle is not a patch. So there will never be a "Mantle Patch" for games like Crysis 3, Battlefield 3, Hitman Absolution, The Sims 3, etc. The Mantle API is used during the development of the game itself.
  3. BF4 was developed using Mantle.
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