how to check a Toshiba satellite HDD on my HP desk top

I have replaced the HDD on my Windows 7 Satellite C660 laptop, I tried to use the recovery media disks that I created when the laptop was new 2 years ago, to load up the O.S. However on doing so disk 1 loads a OK, but when the system tells me to load the second of the two recoverey DVDs, when I do so it gives me an error code and says it cannot find the next file on the second disk.
On speaking to PC support at Toshiba they blame the replacement HDD.
Is there any way I can check this HDD out using my HP desktop? It does have SATA connections but obviously the Toshiba HDD has more pin outs, is there such a thing as an adaptor or what?
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  1. To use recovery disks, you need the recovery partition on the HDD -- it was on the old one, but there is not one on the new drive.

    You need to download the same image of Windows 7 as you had on your laptop from HERE, burn it to a DVD and install from it to the new drive. Then load up your drivers from the HP support site, do your Windows updates and then activate Windows with the key off the sticker on your computer.
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