Gateway GT5678 won't start. 1 long beep then 2 short beeps


My Gateway GT5678 has recently stopped booting up. It turns on, then shortly after beeps once followed by two quick short beeps. According to the gateway error codes this indicates a video card failure. The strange thins is once out every 15-20 or so startup attempts it will start fine. I have tried reseating the video card and have tried taking the video card out and using the other vga output and no luck. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. -J
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    I had similar Gateway PC with similar problem dumped by my wife's cousin who left for college. First time it was HDD, so I replaced it. Then it was Video card, so replaced. Then finally, I figured out it was PSU, then dumped it to a local recycle center, after pulling off CPU, memory, HDD, ODD, etc., some of which were sold on ebay.

    Anyhow, to identify root cause, you need to have a working PC on hand so that you can swap components until isolate a real culprit. Then you can replace the component, or like I did, sell all other healthy components on ebay, and build a new system.
  2. Thanks, It ended up being the Ram. One stick has gone bad and the computer is now running fine on 2gb instead of 4.
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