Updated to latest nvidia drivers, now stuck with cursor on black screen

I am having some serious issues which I am 99.99% certain are not malware based.

I have an Asus motherboard (P5N-E SLi) that has a single nVidia 8500GT graphics card on.

I have been running this system without issue for ages now.
However, for some stupid reason I decided to see if there was an update for the graphics card and installed a "game ready" update yesterday. The installation went fine and the system appeared to work ok without issue.

However, today on booting I noticed that the bios splash screen had a load of dots on it (like the resolution was wrong) and the system would not boot up. It would get past the bios screen and then hang with a black screen and moveable cursor, then reboot in a loop.

I decided to go into safe mode and roll back the drivers, which I was apparently able to do (so the system told me).
However, the bios dotted screen is still there, and now I am unable to boot into any of the safe modes or normal mode - all result in a black screen with moveable cursor.
When trying to run into a safe mode all the drivers appear to load, and then it hangs.

I have available the Windows 7 Installation disk, a 32 bit Repair disk and HiRens Boot CD (feb 2013).

My details are:
Asus P5N-E Sli
8gb Ram
nVidia 8500GT
Win 7 Ultimate

I have updated the BIOS to the latest version available for this board with no change.

I have replaced the graphics card with two 8500GT cards on an SLi setup and this has resolved the garbled/dotty BIOS splash screen.
This has also allowed me to get back the four coloured spinning windows animation when booting into windows normally, but still gets stuck after that with a black screen and cursor.

Still trying to get into any of the safe boot modes gives me a black screen with cursor...

All I want to do is be able to remove the new nvidia drivers and replace them with the older ones, but because I cant get past this screen I cant roll back...

Please help!
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  1. Hi,
    It looks like a faulty bootable device. If removing the HDD and inserting a bootable DVD, does it boot? If not, remove the DVD drive and try with the HDD. If still no go, make a bootable USB device and see if booting from it.
  2. Hi
    Disconnected the DVD drive - black screen with cursor
    Disconnected the HDD - boot from CD (Hirens Boot CD - MiniXP) booted into MiniXp

    Do you think that it's not the graphics driver update?
    I feel 100% that this has caused the issue to be honest...

    All I want to do is use one of the older drivers to get me into win7 from where I can uninstall the new ones and do a clean install of the older driers that worked.
  3. Try connecting both HDD and DVD drive, Windows DVD inserted, boot from it and try Windows repair. See if working.
  4. Yes I can get the windows repair CD to work, and repairing says that it is unable to solve the problem.
    System Restore does not work (tried all 4 or 5 restore points).
  5. Sorry about the delay, I was running a memory test (no errors).

    Just did fixmbr and fixboot - no change, still black screen with cursor (booting into all Modes).
  6. Can you reinstall Windows?
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