Can someone tell me if this setup will be compatibe, or if it will just explode?

I have the ASUS K5130-UK006S Desktop Pc, with an added 4 GiB of ram, but I want to know if I will be able to fit an ASUS AMD Radeon HD 7770 Ghz Edition PCI-E Graphics card inthe case or if I will need a new one, and If in that case I also need a new power supply.
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    In theory it will work, but I don't find a lot of info about the guts of your PC. Nothing about the power supply used nor the dimensions inside to tell if the card will fit. Most likely it will, but I'm almost positive that you would need to upgrade your power supply since you'd be going from integrated graphics.

    I would suggest getting in touch with Asus support and ask them directly. That is the kind of mistake you don't want to make and it's so easy to avoid.

    FYI - The card you specified is 7.5" long.
  2. 560 x 525 x 250 mm (W x D x H) so these are the dimesions of my case, and how do I find out if my power supply is strong enough?
    And thank you for replying, it's kinda clearer what I need to find out now.
    Ok I've found out that for this setup I would need about 500W now I'm about to restrt my pc to find out how strong my power supply is.
    My power supply is 300 W, and at most it says 350 W for 30 seconds, so that means I need a new power supply, Just Great! *Sarcasm*
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