Strange dual display problem

I have a laptop running WinXP Pro, which is hooked up to my television via a CRT cable.

It's worked wonderfully up until now. But, when I resumed from hibernation this morning, windows played the "hardware fail" sound and the screen went black.

Thinking that the issue may be the cable, I hooked it up to another laptop.. and the TV display came on. So, I got to thinking that it was my comp and went hooked a different monitor up to the CRT port, and .. the display came on.

So, I'm really stumped here. I've tried uninstalling the display drivers from safe mode, restarting, then reinstalling them with no success.

Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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  1. Change the ram
  2. jahangirbandy said:
    Change the ram

    I changed the ram just over a month ago.
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