AMD Budget Gaming Rig (First Time Builder)

Hello Everyone,

I'm fairly new to computers, and I'm completely wet behind the ears when it comes to building them. Let me start off with saying I've been a hardcore console gamer all of my life. I currently have a PS3, but I have finally seen the light when it comes to gaming on PC. Most of my friends are hardcore PC gamers themselves and have talked me into joining the master race.

For the past few weeks I have done a fair-bit of researching on certain AMD/Intel builds for a budget that I was comfortable with. I settled with AMD for the understanding that I can get more bang for my buck when it comes to budget gaming. I think I have a fairly decent budget build in mind.

Take a look.

I wasn't sure of the importance of buying an aftermarket CPU fan, so I left it blank for now. If you happen to see anything missing or anything that could be improved, please feel free to comment below! All suggestions are appreciated. (If I posted in the wrong forum, I apologize. I'm new here.)
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  1. Yeah that's decent. You should try hard to get a 990FX motherboard though for better overclocking potential. You also may possibly find a better deal on a gpu, but that one is certainly not bad.
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  3. Great Find! Thanks again!
  4. Are you buying today? Here is better RAM for cheaper, but it's a today only sale.
  5. Nope, unfortunately not today, but within the next few weeks.
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