Dual GTX 660 SLI and Triple Monitor Gaming

Can two GTX660 (non ti) in SLI be able to run three 24" 1080p monitors in surround with an i3 3220 (going to upgrade to an i7 3770k) and 16GB of RAM, i will be mainly playing BF4, and other GPU intensive games. WIll i be able to play it 1080p and still run them at high to ultra settings.
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  1. A single GTX660 will run BF4 on ultra at 1080p. maintaining 30fps. Having two, you might be able to run medium to high settings on 3 1080p's.
    And your CPU might cause some bottle necking, but overall it should be decent.
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    Even two GTX 780s in SLI can barely manage 60 FPS average in triple surround at ultra settings in BF4. Moreover the 660's 2 GB VRAM and 192-bit memory bus are going to hurt it significantly at 5760x1080. You would likely have to drop settings to at least medium (and possibly low) and turn off AA completely to hit a 60 FPS average.

    For triple surround gaming at high settings I would say you would need at least something like a 7970 in crossfire (or a 4 GB 770 in SLI).
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