Alienware Aurora RAM upgrade? 3x1GB to 3x2GB

My 2010 Aurora desktop is starting to show its age when I play newer games, especially seeing as how it uses about 50% of its RAM during idle. It only has 3GB of tri-channel PC3-10660 RAM, each of the three sticks are 1GB. They don't make this anymore, so is it possible to buy 3x2GB sticks of PC3-10600, or am I going to have to fish around to find another set of 3x1GB sticks?

Thanks! :)
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    Yes, you can use the 3x2GB, your MB can support up to the 6X4GB RAM set. After you buy the 3x2GB, if you want you can put the 3X1GB RAM back to the PC to see you can run 9GB ( 3X1GB + 3X2GB).
  2. Awesome! Thank you!
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