help me my battlefeild 4 runs on low and lags with a gtx660m graphics

im not sure what wrong put i have an icore-7 quad core procceser and a gtx660 graphics card but it lags on low idk what to do

this is on battlefeild 4
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  1. If what your title (and tags) says, that you're using a 660m, I'm assuming you're playing on a laptop.

    The 660m is about the equivalent of a 550 Ti, so yes, you should probably be getting poor performance.
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    Battlefield 4 system requirements
    The minimum PC system requirements for Battlefield 4 are expected to be:

    Dual core CPU (Intel Core i5 or AMD “Bulldozer”).
    At least 4 GB main system memory
    Graphics card with at least 512 MB of VRAM and support for DirectX 10
    30+ GB of harddrive space
    Windows Vista

    Recommended system requirements
    The recommended PC system requirements for optimal visual quality and frame rates:

    Quad core CPU (Intel Core i5 or i7) at 3 Ghz
    4 GB memory (8 GB for 64-bit operating systems)
    A modern DX11 graphics card with 2+ GB of video memory, GeForce 600 series or Radeon 7000 series
    Windows 7 64-bit operating system (Windows 8 is supported as well)
    30+ GB of free harddrive space

    Sounds like you're running on a laptop which means your i7 is probably running @ 2.2GHz or lower.
    You're in the correct generation as far as GPU but the 660m is a mobile GPU, also under-powered compared to its desktop counterpart.
    There isn't much you can do to improve performance on that laptop, for this game.

    maybe you can lower screen resolution with low settings.
  3. yeah your laptop is likely not strong enough to run BF4, try lowering resolution to the lowest along with low graphics and see if you still have problems, if massive lag still persists try reading your temperatures during the game with GPU Temp and CPU-Z, as overheating problems are common on laptops and would throttle your system's performance quite a bit
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