Trying to figure out what to replace after spilling coke on my PC.

I spilled some coke on my PC and I'm trying to figure out what I need to replace.

It was a splash of coke on the top of my PC and after about 5 seconds my PC shut off. When I opened the case I saw 4 or 5 drops inside. I let everything dry and cleaned it thoroughly with 99% alcohol.

I've taken everything out except for the psu, cpu, and cpu fan. If I try and start the PC with just the cpu and mobo plugged into the psu the fans will kind of flicker for an instant and then nothing. If I unplug the cpu the fans will start up for a second or two and lights will come on on the mobo but then nothing.

I was thinking I would probably need to replace the motherboard but now I'm thinking it might be the cpu. It did not look like any coke got near the cpu though.

Any suggestions as to what else I should try to identify my problem?
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  1. I would test individual components if at all possible, because it's possible you damaged just your motherboard with the coke, but you could have then shorted something and fried everything else.
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    Listen to Ewok down to the absolute bare minimum you would need to run your pc then shut down wait and remove the plug out of the back of the computer add another component and then plug in wait about a minute or two then boot up and keep going until you reach a fail. Rinse and repeat
  3. Well, there is no reason to wait to turn it on.
  4. ewok93 said:
    Well, there is no reason to wait to turn it on.

    I always do it just for saftey and peace of mind.
  5. JSoanes how did you fix this? I am experiencing literally the same scenario. Coke spill, fans flickering, unplugging CPU leads to brief lighting of the LEDs etc.
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