Windows 7 won't recognize 2nd Hard Drive

I just installed an ssd in my computer and put it all in a new case. While migrating everything to the new case most things were unplugged and reinstalled. I am using the ssd as my new boot drive and I am going to use the 2 original 500gb drives I had in there as secondary drives. The one that was originally the boot disk is reformatted and working fine, but, the other one windows will not recognize.

This drive was previously working fine and has all the stuff I backed up before I did a fresh install on the ssd. In disk management it shows up as a healthy, online disk. However, it has no drive letter and right-clicking on it only gives me the option to delete the volume. I downloaded Mini Tool Partition Wizard after reading some other posts, and it shows up fine. In that program I can change the drive letter(however, windows won't recognize the new letter) and can even explore the drive and browse through all the files.

There appears to be nothing wrong with the drive at all. Is there any way to get windows to recognize it without wiping it? Thanks
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  1. Never mind, I fixed it! In case anyone else has the same problem, I did it by using Test Disk and following their instructions:

    After writing the partition it showed up!
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