Reformatting a WD advanced format drive that's previously been aligned to XP to work on Windows 7 should work, right?

Been considering picking up this drive to replace my old one. I understand my installation Windows XP SP2 installation disc should work fine as long as I run WD Align software utility afterwards.

But I'm wondering if this will cause any problems if I try to switch to Windows 7 at a later date. I was already planning to copy everything I wanted to save to an external HDD and reformat this one when installing 7 anyway, so that should work out...right?
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    Windows 7 will align the drive for you if you format it(it just starts the partition a small bit over).

    If you have Windows 7 on another system you can even just format it in Win7 and it will be aligned and should work with XP.

    If you get a drive over 2tb, you will have other considerations for using it with XP. At your current capacity as long as your board supports it, you are good to go.
  2. Yeah, I'd heard about the 2.2tb limit of XP, which is why I went with this one. Anyway, thanks for the help!
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